Diversity in IP

IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive is a diversity task force committed to making IP professions more inclusive. It aims to improve access to the intellectual property professions, regardless of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or social, economic and cultural background.

Raising awareness of the importance of diversity to individuals and firms and encouraging firms to think more about diversity and inclusion is a big part of the role of the taskforce and the IP Inclusive initiative.

We are delighted to be involved with IP Inclusive, which is an organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion within the various IP professions. AA Thornton were among the first signatories to the IP Inclusive charter in 2016, which is part of our ongoing commitment to improving diversity and inclusion. We take an active lead in IP Inclusive, such as the project to promote careers in IP to schools and universities through the “Careers in Ideas” initiative

IP Inclusive

Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Personal experience of caring responsibilities and people with learning disabilities has made me conscious of the barriers some people face and made me determined to do what I can to remove those barriers such that everyone can participate. As a working parent with young children I’m also keen to ensure AAT provides a working environment that supports and encourages working parents to thrive. Furthermore, I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion in all areas and I educate myself regarding matters that do not directly impact me so that I can be an effective ally.



Everyone should be free to be themselves, including at work. As a gay man, I have some insight into the issues which face those who are in a minority or who may feel there are barriers to achieving this. I am keen to continue confronting discrimination and bias (including my own) and to be the best ally I can be for those who may not have a voice in the ‘room’.



I entered the HR profession in my early career and witnessed and personally experienced, discrimination and bias in the workplace. Since those early days, I have been determined to play my part in creating workplaces that are inclusive and difference is celebrated. As the parent of two children, one with autism, I am a champion of working parents and act as an ally to all groups facing diversity. My role in AA Thornton creates an opportunity for me to influence change through the ongoing development of employment practices and to support our partners in creating a vibrant and inclusive culture that enables the business to thrive and be an employer of choice. Marianne:



Having been the beneficiary of a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives both before and after joining AAT, I am committed to doing my bit to help others in a similar position. I have been personally affected by social mobility issues and hidden disability issues, but I act as an ally to anyone facing any kind of diversity or inclusion issue.



Through experiences growing up and my involvement in recruitment for various roles while working at AAT I recognise the huge importance of ensuring inclusivity and diversity in the workforce. I want to play my part in working towards making our profession and workplace accessible to all, and stand as an ally for those who face challenges arising from diversity and inclusion issues.



I am keen to see this (D&I) across not just AAT but all firms/companies as, put very plainly, everyone is people and that should be all that matters – not your race, background, sexuality, disability, social mobility etc.