Who we work for

Our clients range from multinational corporations, to SMEs, to individual inventors, across a broad spectrum of industries and market sectors. Our client base is centred in the UK but covers many other parts of the globe, notably Europe, North America, India and the Far East. We also work for overseas attorneys and professional advisers, representing their clients’ Intellectual Property interests in the UK, Germany and Europe.

Attorneys & advisors

We enjoy long-standing relationships with many practices. This reflects the professionalism of our approach and our ability to provide fast, clear and consistent advice and assistance.

Corporate clients

We work closely with UK corporations and multinationals. Our role can be one of liaising with your own in-house intellectual property specialists or functioning as an integrated IP department, as and when needed.

SMEs & individuals

While it is true that we have many large corporate clients, we also work for a large number of small businesses and private individuals, helping and guiding them through the process. Our services are highly personalised and can be tailored to your requirements.

Academic institutions

Whether you are a start up company or university, intellectual property rights can present a major challenge. We have teams of fully qualified and highly experienced attorneys who will advise you on every aspect of intellectual property.