It’s our people that make the difference

Our partners and attorneys are highly qualified and highly experienced to advise you in all areas of Intellectual Property law. We advise start-ups, SMEs, and multinational corporations and ensure that your inventions, brands and designs are expertly protected.

Our specialist teams cover a huge range of industries and technical fields, from automotive and aerospace and electronics and electrical engineering to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


At AA Thornton, we provide a comprehensive service offering to help you protect your Intellectual Property and maximise your assets. By combining the expertise of patent and trade mark attorneys, as well as solicitors within a single firm, we can offer you a customised comprehensive service.


Our clients range from multinational corporations, to SMEs, to individual inventors, across a broad spectrum of industries. Our client base is centred in the UK but covers many other parts of the globe, notably Europe, North America, India and the Far East. We also work for overseas attorneys and professional advisers, representing their clients’ Intellectual Property interests in the UK, Germany and Europe.

Latest News

Catalsys: Powering Sustainable Infrastructure with IP Protection

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and as someone who’s spent over two decades working with inventors and innovation on IP Protection, I have seen it time and again. The need to reduce carbon emissions is pushing us to a world where our transportation, homes and industrial processes must run on… Read more »

Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development Goals: Fuelling Global Progress

In a world facing significant challenges, the importance of human creativity and innovation cannot be overstated. As highlighted by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need to find solutions to problems ranging from climate change and diminishing natural resources to widespread inequality and health crises. We need “to re-think how we live, work and… Read more »

EU Design Law Reforms: New Changes to Take Effect in 2024

The EU Parliament has now approved reforms to EU design law, we set out below some of the key changes.   What’s happening? Proposals to amend the law were suggested in November 2022. In December 2023, the provisional law was published and it was adopted by the European Parliament in March 2024. The new Directive… Read more »

Latest Insights

Do you need a Certification Mark or a Trade Mark?

What is a Certification Mark? The purpose of a Certification Mark is to tell the consumer that a product or service meets a specific standard set by a regulatory body. This criteria can include a variety of things such as; the goods and services have certain characteristics, or the user has certain qualifications. Some examples… Read more »

Global WIIN: Empowering women inventors through IP

When it comes to invention and scientific discovery, women have pioneered innovations that have reshaped our world. Ada Lovelace is one of the most notoble women inventors of recent history. She didn’t just write code; she imagined a future where computers would become an integral part of our lives, crafting the first algorithm intended for… Read more »

Tackling Plastic Pollution with Sustainable Innovations

The famous line from Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, “You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain,” offers a compelling metaphor for the trajectory of several modern innovations. Initially, these breakthroughs are heralded as solutions to our most pressing challenges, embodying the pinnacle of human ingenuity and  revolutionising… Read more »