Can Bubbles Clean Rivers?

The problem of plastics polluting the planet’s rivers and oceans is well known. The use of plastics, particularly single use plastics, has been reduced in recent years, but plastic materials are still finding their way into the water.  Plastic waste that reaches a river or canal is likely, eventually, to flow into the ocean. Once… Read more »

Why is Diligent Due Diligence Important?

Background The main value of many technology merger or acquisition deals may not lie in tangible property like buildings or stock inventory. Often the value lies in intellectual property (IP), and patents in particular. It is common practice for companies to monitor the R&D activities of others, particularly smaller innovators.  This is done with a… Read more »

AA Thornton IP LLP Partners receive additional awards

AA Thornton IP LLP wishes to thank our clients for making us your first choice for intellectual property in 2022, and for recommending us for yet another intellectual property award. We were delighted that this week’s publication of IAM’s ‘Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2023’ recognised Mike Jennings, a partner in our patent team, as a… Read more »

ChatGPT – the AI powered chatbot

On the 30 November 2022 an artificial intelligence powered chatbot was launched, ChatGPT. Under very little fanfare, the chatbot, created by Elon Musk founded company, OpenAI, went live and in little under a week had amassed more than 1 million registered users.   What is it? ChatGPT is a large language model developed by… Read more »

Sustainable innovations in cosmetics packaging

The cosmetics and personal care industry has become increasingly concerned with clean beauty and sustainable beauty over recent years. This has arisen in response to pressure from consumers but also originated from within the companies themselves who, like many companies operating today, wish to have a positive impact on the environment. Innovations in the area… Read more »

Has the UK IPO been incorrectly applying the address for service rules in relation to International Registrations? Find out what Geoffrey Hobbs QC, sitting as the Appointed Person, thinks and what this might mean for overseas trade mark holders and their attorneys.

The UK IPO has suspended a number of cases while it considers the implications of Geoffrey Hobbs’ decision in O/681/22. The facts of the case An invalidity action was filed against a UK designation and the UK IPO sent a notification by registered post to the Australian holder of the International registration.  The notification included… Read more »

Joint Webinar for AIPLA and CIPA 10 January 2023

As featured on CIPA’s website: “Patentability tips and tricks at the USPTO and EPO” has something for every prosecution practitioner. Mike Jennings, partner and European Patent Attorney at highly rated AA Thornton IP LLP in London, and member of CIPA’s Computer Technology Committee, will tackle the challenging and ever-changing landscape of computer-implemented inventions giving you… Read more »

Important Change to “Ten Day Rule” of the EPC

Author: Leonita Paulrja   On 14 October 2022, the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office (EPO) voted to remove the ‘ten day rule’ under Rule 126(2) EPC. Under current EPO practice, unless it can be shown to be later, a notification is deemed to be made ten days after the date shown on the communication (even… Read more »

EPO announce Video Conference as default format of Oral Proceedings

EPO President António Campinos has announced that from 1 January 2023 video conference (VICO) will be the default format of Oral Proceedings before the examining and opposition divisions, the Legal Division and the Receiving Section.   Oral Proceedings “…may be held on the premises of the European Patent Office, either at the request of a… Read more »