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When is a Cat not a Cat? When it’s a Caterpillar. Or a Tigercat. Or is it?

Author: Dan Byrne   Tigercat International Inc. (“Tigercat”) and Caterpillar Inc. (“Caterpillar”) have been in conflict in numerous countries around the world due to conflict arising between Tigercat’s name and Caterpillar Inc’s commonly used abbreviation “Cat”. Most recently, a dispute in the EU IPO has resulted in Tigercat losing an opposition for its application for… Read more »

UK Battery Industry Growth and IP Challenges

Authors : David Blair & Marianne Privett The summer of 2022 has seen the return of in-person conferences and expos throughout many of the UK’s industry sectors. The UK’s electric vehicle and battery technology sectors are no exception and Marianne Privett and David Blair were excited to attend ‘the Advanced Material Show and Battery Systems… Read more »

Re-designing the system – the UK IPO consults on the future of UK design protection – all questions answered by the government*! *not

I reported on the post-Brexit consultation launched by the UK government into the design system here, and the government’s response was recently published here. This article looks at the main conclusions offered in the government response.  If you were envisaging that the response would set out a clear plan for the reform of the system… Read more »

Music as a pharmaceutical alternative

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” The words of Aldous Huxley depict the unique ability of music to convey emotion and summon an instinctual sentimental response within us all. Although many believe this to be an ineffable reaction which defies scientific explanation, a growing body of research appears to… Read more »

Litigation by STEALTH not permitted by Court of Appeal

Litigation by STEALTH not permitted by Court of Appeal Introduction It is not uncommon for trade mark owners to purchase old, and unused, trade mark registrations as part of their commercial IP strategy, but what happens when a party acquires a right during the course of litigation and deliberately conceals the fact it has done… Read more »

Freedom to Operate – Understanding the risks

Freedom to Operate – Understanding the risks   There are many factors to be considered for a project developing a new product or process, but Freedom to Operate should not be overlooked. What is Freedom to Operate? Freedom to Operate, or “FTO”, is the ability to carry out commercial plans without infringing third party Intellectual… Read more »

EPO 2022 fee increases

EPO 2022 fee increases The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced a rise in many of its official fees to take effect from 1st April 2022. The announcement, published with full details of the new fees in the EPO Official Journal in January 2022, follows the Decision of the Administrative Council of 15th December 2021… Read more »

European Commission launches feedback period on SEPs

European Commission launches feedback period on SEPs As part of the European Commission’s (EC) initiative titled ‘Intellectual property – new framework for standard essential patents’, the EC has now published a call for evidence and a public consultation on standard essential patents (SEPs).  This planned consultation was mentioned in our earlier article reporting the UK… Read more »

2022 updates to EPO Guidelines for Examination – Clarification of section on patentability of antibodies

9. Clarification of section on patentability of antibodies This forms part of a wider report on the 2022 updates to EPO Guidelines for Examination.   We are pleased that the comments on patentability of antibodies in Guidelines Part G, Chapter II, section 5.6 has been clarified and updated. AA Thornton’s Craig Turner discussed this with… Read more »