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UKIPO “Green Channel” – can the patent system encourage more innovation in green technologies?

Partners Mike Jennings and Alex Bone explore the UKIPO “Green Channel” At AA Thornton, our patent attorneys have a long history of assisting innovators seeking protection for a variety of green technology including solar technology, waste processing and wind turbines.  Some of our clients were kind enough to share their stories with us, and you… Read more »

AI and IP – A report on CIPA’s Computer Technology Committee recommendations on AI and IP

Whether and when to change UK patent law to increase protection for AI This article follows the recent article ‘Call for industry views on AI and IP and ViCo‘   Introduction In September 2020, the UKIPO launched a “Call for views on AI and IP” (see ), noting the UK government’s desire to understand… Read more »

UK IPO Practice Note – Impact of the end of the Brexit Transition Period on Tribunal Proceedings

Impact of the end of the Brexit Transition Period on Tribunal Proceedings The Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020 and the UK IPO has issued a new practice note covering some new aspects of UK IPO trade mark and registered design practice in relation to tribunal proceedings such as cancellation actions or oppositions…. Read more »

First use of STEALTH mark prevails again

Retail team member Sarah Neil follows up on her last article to assess how the Appointed Person considered the issue of the ‘senior user’ on appeal.   Introduction We previously reported the first instance decision in an opposition between ABP Technology Limited (“ABP”) and Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc (“VTB”) relating to the marks STEALTH and… Read more »

Trade mark rights IN THE RED!

Trade mark rights IN THE RED! Automotive team member, Rachel Havard considers the CJEU’s recent judgement on genuine use of Ferrari’s TESTAROSSA trade mark.   The concept of “use it or lose it” We all probably need a bit of nostalgia in our lives, more than we ever did, and brand names/trade marks play a… Read more »

Brexit burn-out for the EUIPO Torpedo

Brexit burn-out for the EUIPO Torpedo An often important element of the strategic considerations relating to claims in the UK for infringement of a registered EU right is due to be removed on 1 January 2021.   The Torpedo Article 132 of the EUTMR[1] states that EU trade mark courts shall stay an action for… Read more »

Call for industry views on AI and IP and Videoconference

AA Thornton’s Mike Jennings provides an update on videoconference at the EPO and joins the EPO, UKIPO and USPTO in inviting industry comments on the recent IP office consultations   The era of public consultations In the last 3 years, several intellectual property offices have invited the global IP community to express our views on… Read more »