Bosch transforMOTION showcases vision of the future

An exhibition by Bosch (in September 2017) demonstrated a variety of innovative solutions that use automated and connected technologies to address the issue of moving a rapidly increasing number of people around our cities safely and in a sustainable manner.

Bosch Connected Car

Taking centre stage in the event arena was the Bosch Connected Car which was a demonstration of Bosch’s vision of the car in 2021 – a third living space for people, alongside their homes and workplaces.

The car included face recognition, intelligent personalisation and gesture control with haptic feedback.

Home Zone Park Assist

This demonstration showcased a technology that will remember recurring manoeuvres including up to a 100 metre long approach to a regularly used parking space (for example a driveway or garage).

The driver teaches the system the manoeuvre and then the car will park itself independently in the pre-set space.

Autonomous Pods

A self-driving, electric powered pod circulated the arena demonstrating how around 10 people can be autonomously transported across an urban environment.


A large selection of eBikes were available to ride on around the arena.  The large portfolio of eBike products ranged from high-efficiency drive units (motors and gears) and powerful batteries, to intuitively operated bicycle computers.

transforMOTION talks

A series of talks and panel discussions ran throughout the day, with some interesting and thought provoking subjects presented.  Highlights included:

Carol Vorderman taking centre stage in perhaps what was the most popular discussion – Women of the Future – where she spoke passionately about promoting STEM subjects to young people, particularly women.

Hod Lipson, Professor of Engineering and Data Science at Columbia University in New York gave a fascinating insight into his vision of the world of robotics and AI and how that will drive developments in automotive technology as we move towards completely autonomous cars.

The transforMOTION event held by Bosch showed just how diverse and wide-ranging their involvement in not just automotive technology, but the mobility sector is, as a whole.  Bosch continue to be at the leading edge in shaping and influencing the future of the industry.

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