Corporate to Classroom

From Corporate to Classroom  – the AAT outreach programme

In 2015 Vince Bixby, Senior Business Systems Support at A.A. Thornton & Co, after striking up conversation with a friend who worked in the Art Department at Southend High School for Boys, realised that A.A. Thornton could give back to the community.

The art department, which included digital art classes as part of their curriculum, had just one computer in each of its three class rooms which held classes for up to thirty students at a time.

By the end of 2017, through the scheme, we have provided thirty-nine computers to the school. This has filled one full class room plus the start of a second. We hope that in another eighteen months we are able to provide all three art classrooms with our decommissioned computers.

The students from Southend High School for boys regularly send pieces of their digital design art work, some of which is displayed around our offices.

A selection of the artwork is here:


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