CPA Global in the press

CPA Global have featured in the IP news streams recently because of allegations of overcharging, and this includes a case brought against CPA Global in the “Run Them Sweet” class action. CPA Global categorically and emphatically denies any wrong doing and they state:

“The issues at the core of the Run Them Sweet complaint were never determined in the litigation – it was settled well before CPA Global had the opportunity to refute the claims in court – they would have preferred to have those questions answered, but the cost of discovery and trial in a class action in the United States, sadly would have been well in excess of the value of the settlement.”

Some of our clients have been approached by Patent Annuity Costs Limited, a procurement consultant specialising in IP renewals. Patent Annuity Costs Limited have been asserting that CPA Global is overcharging customers and, as with the Run Them Sweet case, CPA Global categorically and emphatically denies any wrongdoing in their business. In relation to the Patent Annuity Costs Limited CPA Global state:

“Through their speculation regarding overcharging practices, Patent Annuity Costs Limited are deliberately attempting to discredit CPA Global’s good business reputation and elicit business from our customers.”

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