Artificial Intelligence: Patentability and Inventorship in Europe

Artificial Intelligence: Patentability and Inventorship in Europe

AA Thornton and the EPO’s Director of Patent Law explained the EPO’s approach to AI patenting, in discussion with the IP Institute of Canada.


The UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and the IP Institute of Canada (IPIC) invited the European Patent Office Director of Patent Law Heli Pihlajamaa and AA Thornton’s Mike Jennings to present a webinar on “Artificial Intelligence: Patentability and Inventorship in Europe” on 17 June 2020.

Heli and Mike explained the EPO’s assessment of patentability for AI-based solutions including the applications and implementations of machine learning and other AI technologies, and the EPO’s recent assessment of applications naming an AI system as inventor.  Mike and Heli also provided updates on computer simulation case law, and gave examples of the use of AI to accelerate innovation in healthcare including BenevolentAI taking only 48 hours to identify a drug that could help to treat Covid-19 patients.

Gareth Jones, VP of IP at BenevolentAI commented “AI will revolutionise the drug discovery process. It will increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy, and reduce the risks and costs. It’s an exciting time for the life sciences.

Isi Caulder of Bereskin & Parr moderated the training on behalf of IPIC and shared very positive feedback from IPIC members. IPIC has recommended making this an annual event.

Mike is a member of CIPA’s Computer Technology Committee and leads an AA Thornton team handling a wide range of computer-implemented inventions including computer simulation and modelling, quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

A scrollable copy of the slides is shown below:

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