AAT Insights – The importance of IP for small businesses

Hiplok talk to Geoff Hussey about the importance of IP

In this video client Hiplok talk to partner Geoff Hussey about how they design their products, and the importance of IP for small businesses.

Hiplok design innovative security locks for cyclists. They also happen to be the designers of the world’s first wearable bike lock.

Founders John Abrahams and Ben Smith describe themselves as product designers by trade and cyclists by heart and wanted to protect what they love by bringing their design expertise and rider experience to deliver innovative, quality, bicycle locks which not only protect your bike but protect the joy of riding.

Since the launch of the Hiplok ORIGINAL in 2011, the pair have continued to lead on innovation, designing and building quality security products which riders around the world trust in.


Co-Founder John Abrahams on the advice he would give to small businesses:

“Do your research. Come up with something new and innovative, and then look at how to protect it.”

Co-Founder Ben Smith on the advice he would give to small businesses:

“Keep an open mind. People often make the mistake of thinking that their first solution to a problem is the best design they can come up with. It may not be actually.”

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