Mike Jennings attends EPO’s AI Conference

Commenting on the EPO’s AI discussions

Partner Mike Jennings attended the EPO’s AI conference on 30 May, commenting:

 “The EPO deserves praise for investing in an excellent discussion with industry and members of the judiciary about the future for AI patenting. The 30 May 2018 conference was part of that discussion. The consultation provided a good basis for the 2018 revision of the EPO’s Guidelines for Examination, which includes a recognition of the contribution of computer-implemented inventions across all industries.”

The conference summary can be found here.

Commenting on an earlier EPO publication Mike says:

“The EPO’s report on Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution highlights the powerful combination of advances in core information and communication technologies (processing power, storage capacity and connectivity) and in enabling technologies (including artificial intelligence, security and analytics) that has led to the current innovation-driven technical revolution and a rapid proliferation of new applications of technology across every industry. The report recognizes the importance of software as the preferred implementation choice for a great many inventions and product enhancements in sectors such as automotive and healthcare.”

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