Reversing my view of Parking Assist

During a chat with my Automotive group colleagues about developments in automotive technology I confessed that although I’d owned my “new” car for over a year, I hadn’t yet dared to try the parking assist function. Something about a car parking itself made me feel slightly uneasy.

My colleagues pointed out that this was perhaps a little silly especially considering the firm’s wealth of expertise in the patenting of methods for performing a parking process. Surely it was time to give it a try, and I therefore agreed to do just that, and report back on my experiment to the group!

Driving back from the supermarket one evening I thought that now was my opportunity. I drove down some quiet roads where I’d feel less foolish trying it out.

The parking assist function uses parking sensors to detect when a suitable sized space is kerbside and beeps to let the driver know. Once the driver stops and shifts into reverse, the parking assist function takes over and turns the wheel with surprising speed to skilfully guide the car into even quite tight spaces.

Sitting neatly in the small but perfectly sized space, I had to admit that I was impressed.  It felt a bit like a poltergeist had taken control of the steering wheel (albeit a very helpful and restrained poltergeist!) as I had sat there with the steering wheel spinning by itself, but it was a very quick, effective, and stress-free way to park the car.  I don’t think I’ll stop parking the car myself most of the time, but I’ll definitely use it again.

Now, how do I get out of here??

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