World Nano Summit 2016 @ Business Rocks

Thursday 21 - Friday 22 April 2016
World Nano Summit

Heather Donald, Associate & Trade Mark Attorney and Dr Marianne Privett, Principal Patent Attorney presented on ‘Intellectual Property for start-ups – What you need to know’ at the World Nano Summit 2016 @ Business Rocks in Manchester on 21 April 2016. Also representing the firm and on-hand answering intellectual property related questions was Dr Sally Watts, European Patent Attorney.

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A.A. Thornton & Co. is a member of the World Nano Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organisation. The Foundation works and collaborates with a wide variety of partners, maximising support and funding to bring the science of the ultra-small to the world and commerce. Aimed at aiding entrepreneurs, inventors, professors and professionals from a business-up perspective, the Foundation is a medium for nurturing, developing and commercialising ground-breaking new nanotechnologies to revolutionise the world and how we interact with it.

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