In-cosmetics Formulations Summit – London 2018

Our Cosmetics and Personal Care team returns to the in-cosmetics Formulations Summit – London 2018

Members of our Cosmetics and Personal Care team returned to the in-cosmetics Formulations Summit in London on 24 & 25 October 2018.

The team in attendance included: Julie Barrett-Major, who spoke at both last year’s London Summit as well as this year’s Korean event, with Partners Sarah Darby and Dr Marianne Privett as well as trainee patent attorney James Anani-Isaac. The team particularly enjoyed a fascinating talk from Lauren Bowker from ‘The Unseen’ who spoke about innovations including Hathor colour changing cosmetics and FIRE colour changing hair dye, as well as a presentation on ‘How Bioinformatics and AI guide formulation of bespoke Beauty products’.

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