IP Portfolio Management

Our patent and trade mark attorneys regularly advise on IP portfolio management, with a focus on alignment with each client’s overall corporate objectives and strategy.

We understand the need to review expenditure, IP asset value and portfolio management decisions on a regular basis, to check alignment with the current business objectives and market conditions. We approach this with a desire to understand your business needs and to provide a solution that achieves your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

We understand the need to strike the right balance between cost and protection for each individual business (and sometimes each IP asset), taking account of competitive threats and business opportunities. Our advice will sometimes be to file in fewer countries, or not to renew some registered rights, or to refine the scope of goods/ services of a trademark potfolio, or to divest certain IP assets that are no longer of strategic value. For other clients, our advice may be to proceed with a more vigorous invention identification and IP filing strategy to quickly develop a competitive portfolio, whilst identifying operations that can be handled within your business or outsourced to us or other specialists, according to your preference. The solution and the expert team we assemble are different for every client.

Our services include:

  • Competitive IP landscape analysis and risk assessments
  • Project reviews to identify and select IP rights
  • IP audits, including advice on entitlement/ownership issues
  • Advice on local and worldwide filing and prosecution strategies, and their implementation
  • Advice on IP licensing, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Reviews of your IP asset maintenance priorities, with reference to your budgets and commercial objectives and strategy

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