Our Agriculture attorneys have been advising clients in this area for decades, and representing one client in particular for over eighty years.

We have experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in this field, and in defending/attacking granted European patents in opposition/appeal proceedings. Our experience in handling the latter contentious work has been very considerable over the years, with our attorneys having acquired a rare level of knowledge in defending and attacking Agriculture related patents/technology.

Some of the technologies we have advised on include:

  • Methods/systems relating to harvesting
  • Fishing apparatus
  • Automated milking parlours
  • Animal cooling methods/systems
  • Feed and Feeding systems for livestock
  • Methods/systems for cleaning animals
  • Animal identification systems
  • Herd management
  • Data transfer and communication

Our clients include:

  • AB Agri Limited
  • DeLaval Holding AB
  • Charles Sturt University
  • METEORITE Agricultural Equipment BV
  • Dodson & Horrell

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